Program Management of the Redevelopment of Perth Airport Terminal


Project Program Management of the Redevelopment of Perth Airport Terminal
Client Virgin Australia Airlines
Project Value > $100M
Project Overview The redevelopment of Perth Airport Terminal was undertaken to relocate Virgin Australia Airlines’ domestic operations and their Premium Lounge from Terminal 3 (T3) to the new Terminal 1 (T1) domestic terminal.

The program involved several projects lead by project managers to deliver:

  • A new check-in hall adjoining the existing T1 international check-in Hall and terminal (including the Ground Transformation Program).
  • Premium Guest Lounge and Club Lounge.
  • New departure gate lounges, engineering huts and other back of house infrastructure.
JJR Involvement A key Program that was included within the scope of the Perth Terminal redevelopment was the Ground Transformation Program which involved:

  • Delivery of self-service options for guests who fly more frequently and who elect to use technology to speed their journey through the airport and a full-service check-in and baggage acceptance facility that is available to all guests who may require additional assistance and support for their journey.
  • Delivery of premium check-in areas that offer enhanced, prioritised service segregated from the main terminal concourse and check-in areas that supports both self-service and full service and groups processing.
  • Strategies to achieve a required percentage of guests to take-up the self-service check-in options.

It was ensured that:

  • Program governance controls were in place and were continuously developed and improved including issue and risk registers, budget, schedule and scope controls.
  • Weekly meetings were held with software vendors to develop specific software for automatic bag drop and kiosk hardware (these were high-risk items).
  • Weekly project control group (PCG) meetings were facilitated and fortnightly executive steering committees were held for the program of works.
  • Regular and accurate reporting assisted management, executives and the board to make informed decisions.