Pavement and Drainage Works for Taxiway


Project Pavement and Drainage Works for Taxiway Alpha at Archerfield Airport
Client Archerfield Airport Corporation
Project Value < $100k
Project Overview Archerfield Airport had proposed plans for the Taxiway Alpha Drainage and Pavement Rehabilitation project, which required investigating the drainage requirements of the project.
JJR Involvement The pavement and drainage works for Taxiway Alpha included:

  • Investigation of existing drainage effecting Taxiway Alpha
  • Obtaining additional survey data, including coordinating surveyors
  • Obtaining geotechnical data, including coordinating geotechnical engineers
  • Assessing the hydraulic capacity of the longitudinal drainage system
  • Obtaining CCTV data as a condition assessment of drainage infrastructure
  • Development of pavement design options

The final output to the client was the development of an economical pavement design solution.