Long Term Options Analysis for Grassed Runways at Archerfield Airport

Project Grassed Runways, Long Term Options Analysis
Client Archerfield Airport Corporation
Project Value < $100k
Project Overview Archerfield Airport required engineering services for the realignment and resurfacing of their grassed runway in line with the proposals of their 2011 Master Plan.
JJR Involvement The development of the grassed runway project included the following activities:

  • Undertake overview of issues affecting the operation of the grassed Runway after wet weather events;
  • Provide summary of the potential options to improve the serviceability of the grassed runway;
  • A cost estimate for each potential option to optimise whole of life costs;
  • A recommended option to implement at critical areas.
  • Assessment of topographical survey, aerial survey and existing grades;
  • Grading design as per MOS139 compliance;
  • Bulk earthworks design and analysis of cut/fill and pavement quantities; and
  • Preparation of design documentation and reports.