Apron, Taxiway and Runway Upgrade Tender Services

Project Apron & Taxiway Upgrade and Runway Reseal Tender for Cloncurry Airport
Client RMS Engineering & Construction Pty Ltd
Project Value < $100k
Project Overview The Cloncurry Airport required maintenance and repair works on the taxiways and surrounding geography. The scope of construction works included:

  • Reconstruction of high strength pavements for code C taxiway A and RPT apron;
  • Reconstruction of low strength pavements for code A taxiway C;
  • Reseal of code A GA Apron;
  • Reseal of code C Runway 12/30;
  • Sprayed seal of new high and low strength pavements;
  • Construction of concrete drainage invert, swale and detention basin;
  • Installation of new box culverts, piped and surface drains and headwalls;
  • Demolishment and capping of existing piped drainage;
  • Raising and lowering of existing drainage manholes to design surface level;
  • Removal and reinstatement of airfield ground lighting; and
  • Reshaping of earthworks.
JJR Involvement Development of a comprehensive set of plans to ensure an efficient construction methodology was developed in compliance with the Manual of Standards (MOS) Part 139 for each stage of work as well as the development of a draft Method of Work Plan (MOWP).