Structural Certification of Hangar 6 at Archerfield Airport

Project Structural Certification of CareFlight Hangar at Archerfield Airport
Client Archerfield Airport Corporation
Project Value < $100k
Project Overview The CareFlight Hangar at Archerfield Airport experienced issues with the doors which was determined to potentially be caused by structural modifications to the hangar. An assessment of the structural integrity of the hangar was required for corrective action.
JJR Involvement The scope of the structural assessment included:

  • Reviewing available documentation;
  • Reviewing available documentation;
  • Visually inspecting critical structural elements; and
  • Calculating the engineering loads imposed on the structure in accordance with historical Australian Standards.

A final structural condition report on the hangar was developed based on:

  • Certifying that elements identified in the as-constructed drawings are performing as required; or
  • Certifying that elements that have been inspected are performing in accordance with the structural intent.