Detailed Design for Upgrading Floodway Structure at Golden Mile Road, near Dysart

Project Detailed Design for Upgrading Floodway Structure at Golden Mile Road, near Dysart
Client Isaac Regional Council
Project Value $1M – $10M
Project Overview Isaac Regional Council (Council) engaged JJR to undertake roads and stormwater design on Golden Mile Road near Dysart. The main objective was to upgrade the existing low-level floodway crossing and provide a flood resilient sustainable structure to allow safe traffic movement.
JJR Involvement JJR’s expert engineers prepared Final Design drawings for roads and stormwater, which included:
• Engineering survey;
• Site inspections to determine the level of investigation and testing;

  • Geotechnical/Subsurface assessment;
  • Desktop assessment to understand low-level floodway and catchment properties;
  • Hydrology and Hydraulic Analysis; and
  • Environmental scoping report.

Design work was developed in accordance with the following relevant standards and/or guidelines:

  • Capricorn Municipal Development Guidelines (CMDG);
  • Queensland Urban Drainage Manual (QUDM);
  • Austroads – Guide to Road Design;
  • Austroads – Guide to Pavement Technology;
  • Queensland Transport & Main Roads (QTMR) – Pavement Design Manual & MRTS’s (latest edition);
  • QTMR – Standard Specifications Roads;
  • QTMR – MUTCD Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices;
  • AS 1289 – Methods of soil testing for engineering purposes; and
  • Institution of Engineers – Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR) –State Planning Policy 1/03 – Mitigating the Adverse Impacts of Flood, Bushfire and Landslide.

JJR further produced a Technical Memorandum with different design options and associated high-level cost estimate and bill of quantities for opportunities identified.

JJR then prepared the final detailed design for the preferred option.