Frankston Boardwalk Erosion Investigation


Project Frankston Boardwalk Erosion Investigation
Client Frankston City Council
Project Value < $100k
Project Overview Council identified an erosion issue on the boardwalk at Frankston where northerly winds are eroding the sand under the boardwalk exposing the footings to the uprights. Council required a brief report, design and cost estimate for an erosion mitigation plan to resolve the issue.
JJR Involvement The scope of works to be provided include:

  • Visual inspection of the boardwalk;
  • Summary of inspection findings;
  • Summary of critical observations with a risk assessment related to the structural capacity of the boardwalk with any further recommendations;
  • Options analysis outlining methods of preventing future sand erosion around the columns / piers
  • Budget cost estimates for options; and
  • Recommendation of a preferred option for mitigation of sand erosion.