Crane Application on Airport Surface

Project Crane Application on Airport Surface
Client Multiplex Australasia
Project Value < $100K
Project Overview JJR offers a range Airport Engineering services and once more was requested to prepare a Crane Permit application in the surfaces of the Essendon Airports located in Melbourne.

Analysis such as Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) and the Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft OPerationS (PANS-OPS) were checked to see accordance of the new development that needed acceptance to continue its works.

JJR Involvement JJR conducted the following scope of works to conduct a complete analysis and application:

  • Review previous correspondence and Multiplex design drawings;
  • Review impacts of construction works (against OLS / PANS-OPS);
  • Review impacts of permanent building (against OLS / PANS-OPS); and
  • Provide letter of advice with any recommendations for lighting (both temporary and permanent).