Boxhill Library Structural Parapets Inspections

Project Boxhill Library Structural Parapets Inspections
Client Whitehorse City Council
Project Value < $1M
Project Overview The Boxhill Public Library has reached JJR to evaluate structures of the parapets, check the condition of the building. Various areas of concern where indicated by the responsible people of the Library.

Large cracks in brick parapets were identified by Council. JJR was involved to inspect. It became apparent that the parapets were unstable.

JJR worked with Council to come up with a solution which was architectural and the engineering reports.

JJR Involvement The Scope of Work involved the following tasks:

  • Site Conditions on arrival for complete evaluation of the general asset condition.
  • Site inspection for future report and recommended changes to maintain the standards of commercial buildings and structures.
  • Complete Report of all the Walls and building facades.