Level 2 Bridge Inspections in the Monash City Council Area

Project Level 2 Bridge Inspections in the Monash City Council Area
Client Monash City Council
Project Value < $1M
Project Overview Monash City Council engaged JJR to conduct Level 2 bridge inspections for 57 structures including a range of vehicle and pedestrian structures, comprising bridges, major culverts, boardwalks and platforms within the Council area.
JJR Involvement JJR’s expert engineers conducted Level 2 inspections and prepared reports for the 57 structures in accordance with the VicRoads’ Road Structure Inspection Manual 2018.

The assessment involved the condition evaluation of the structures and their major components, and the identification of structures or components that required renewal within four years based on their current state. A comprehensive maintenance and replacement schedule was developed, with a Level 2 inspection report prepared for each structure, which included photographic records, component condition ratings, overall condition scores, defect descriptions, and recommendations along with cost estimates for remediation.