Pavement Design and Construction Specification for Airport Runway

Project Pavement Treatment, Development of a Design and Construction Specification for Devonport Airport Runway
Client Tasmanian Ports Corporation
Project Value < $100k
Project Overview The Devonport Runway in Tasmania required a pavement treatment option that met the following criteria:

  • MOS Part 139 compliant;
  • Increase in the structural integrity by increasing the Pavement Classification Number (PCN);
  • Ensuring continued operation of the runway by providing a new service life to the pavement structure;
  • Decrease the annual and whole of life maintenance costs;
  • Ensure ongoing performance and safety of the existing pavement; and
  • Provide additional capacity and capability of the runway if aircraft movements and / or loadings increase.
JJR Involvement The client required design and construction services including:

  • Detail minimum design and construction standards to be achieved;
  • Provide design development management to ensure the design and submission process was understood with requirements known;
  • Summarise design and site information;
  • Identify maintenance minimisation approaches; and
  • Provide other relevant technical details or requirements which affect the to-be-constructed works.