Swan Street Bridge Upgrade, Project Engineering for Bridge Installation

Project Swan Street Bridge Upgrade, Project Engineering for Bridge Installation
Client Seymour Whyte Constructions
Project Value $50M – $100M
Project Overview Seymour Whyte requested Project Engineering Services to assist with the installation of the new Swan Street Bridge.

The bridge structure had also footpaths on either side and a bicycle lane across it.

JJR team lead all relevant stakeholders from both a technical and commercial perspective to ensure a successful project outcome. This included developing options to optimise the efficiency of component installation and minimise the costs (particularly due to crane hire) and prepare detailed work method statements for the installation of the new steel bridge wings on the Swan Street Bridge.

JJR Involvement JJR’s scope of work will include being seconded into the SWC team to lead the successful installation of the new steel wings to the Bridge.

Undertaking a detailed review of the bridge design documentation

  • Reviewing available resources to complete the installation procedure
  • Undertaking an options analysis of the installation procedure based on available resources
  • Engaging with key internal and external stakeholders to gain buy-in to the preferred option
  • Facilitating a workshop to identify risks with the installation procedures for input into the work method statement(s)
  • Developing detailed construction method statement(s) for installation using SWC template
  • Working with the SWC estimators and the subcontractors to finalise commercials
  • Developing a detailed program to accompany the works sequencing
  • Managing the relevant budget for the works