Lennox / Victoria / Nicholson Intersection Upgrade Civil & Lighting (Electrical) Engineering Design

Project Lennox / Victoria / Nicholson Intersection Upgrade Civil & Lighting (Electrical) Engineering Design
Client Yarra City Council
Project Value < $1M
Project Overview Yarra City Council received funding from the Victorian government to provide gentrification and safety upgrades, including the installation of CCTV cameras, upgrade street lighting, new seating and general activation of the public space on Lennox Street in Richmond. Yarra City Council partnered with JJR to deliver services in design packages defined as:

  • Portion 1, Civil engineering design; and
  • Portion 2, Lighting design.
JJR Involvement Added to the scope are the following services:

  • Detailed design and documentation of finished surface levels and above and below ground drainage levels;
  • Design details and/or specifications for footpath paving sub-base, kerb and channel, road surface and sub-base, footings for street furniture (including lighting and seating) and signage; and
  • Coordination of new and existing underground services and proposed excavations and footing work.

JJR proposed a lighting design solution within the parameters established in the concept design prepared by Council’s urban designers to achieve the following objectives/aims:

  • Improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists moving through the space and shared zone;
  • Provide an identifiable public space through use of feature and/or directional lighting to wash new and existing trees and other street elements; and
  • Coordinate new lighting with requirements of CCTV (to be installed by others).