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We’ve Got Your Back, Awning Inspectio...

We’ve Got Your Back, Awning Inspections Over Public Spaces

Did you know that awnings are part of the buildings to which they are attached? This makes them the responsibility of the owner of the building, even when an awning is located over a public footpath. An example awning structure is shown in Figure 1 for reference. Figure 1 – Typical awnings structure example Awnings […]

Running out of road corridor? Conside...

Running out of road corridor? Consider tidal flow – it’s not just for the ocean!

Road corridors in urban areas are increasingly constrained. Tidal flow systems (or ‘reversible’ lanes) are a form of lane management systems that allows traffic to travel in alternate directions within a lane (depending on the time of day or traffic conditions). Essentially, traffic flow during peak periods is improved by making an extra lane available […]

What on Earth are bridge inspection &...

What on Earth are bridge inspection “Levels” and how do I know what I need to do?

Bridges and other structures are key asset elements in the transport network. In Australia, around 800 organisations are responsible for more than 50,000 public road bridges. State Road Authorities (SRA’s) who are responsible for the high-capacity arterial roads manage more than 20,000 bridges, with local councils typically managing the remaining local roads with approximately 30,000 […]

Who needs Aerodrome Safety Inspection...

Who needs Aerodrome Safety Inspections or Annual Technical Inspections and why?!

Did you know that every 12 months the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requires that certified aerodromes require an Annual Technical Inspection and that some registered and ‘certain other’ aerodromes must have an Aerodrome Safety Inspection completed by a CASA approved inspector? Australian Aerodrome Categories CASA is authorised to determine and audit against the Manual […]