Archerfield Airport Helipad Options Analysis & Concept Design
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Archerfield Airport Helipad Options Analysis & Concept Design
Client :
Archerfield Airport Corporation
Project Value :
Project Overview :

The client required engineering design, superintendent and project management services – for a new helipad at the airport – to undertake an options analysis and develop a concept design considering:

  • Flight paths and obstacles;
  • Suitability of existing infrastructure for design helicopter ground and air taxiing routes;
  • Separation clearances on apron and helicopter stand location;
  • Final Approach and Take-Off Area (FATO) surface stability to avoid Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from rotor wash;
  • Visual markings;
  • Ground handling and service access such as fuel and patient transfers; and
  • Public safety.
JJR Involvement :

A concept design was developed with using a composite of the critical physical and operational parameters of a range of helicopter types. A preliminary risk assessment was undertaken to identify a range of potential operational and physical risks. Heliport operations on aerodromes are required to be compliant with ICAO standards and with due consideration of CASA advisory standards in the following order of precedence:

  • CASA MOS Part 139, Aerodromes;
  • ICAO Annex 14 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, Aerodromes, Volume II Heliports;
  • CASA Civil Aviation Advisory Publication (CAAP) 92-2(2), Guidelines for the Establishment and Operation of Onshore Helicopter Landing Sites.
  • ICAO Heliport Manual, Doc 9261-AN/903.
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Heliport Design Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5390-2C.
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