Pavement and Drainage Works for Taxiway
Market :
Location :
Project :
Pavement and Drainage Works for Taxiway
Client :
Archerfield Airport Corporation
Project Value :
Project Overview :

Archerfield Airport had proposed plans for the Taxiway Alpha Drainage and Pavement Rehabilitation project, which required investigating the drainage requirements of the project.

JJR Involvement :

The pavement and drainage works for Taxiway Alpha included:

  • Investigation of existing drainage effecting Taxiway Alpha
  • Obtaining additional survey data, including coordinating surveyors
  • Obtaining geotechnical data, including coordinating geotechnical engineers
  • Assessing the hydraulic capacity of the longitudinal drainage system
  • Obtaining CCTV data as a condition assessment of drainage infrastructure
  • Development of pavement design options

The final output to the client was the development of an economical pavement design solution.

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