Review of VicRoads Controlled Activity Application
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Review of VicRoads Controlled Activity Application
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Essendon Airport Pty Ltd
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Project Overview :

Essendon Airport was responsible under the Airports Act (1996) to review the Roads Corporation (VicRoads) and application to construct upgrades to the Tullamarine Freeway.

JJR had assisted om the process, conducting an independent review of the VicRoads Controlled Activity Application in a list of documents provided to our team.

JJR Involvement :

JJR’s proposed scope was to assist Essendon Airports to provide an opinion on the effect that the controlled activity would have on the efficiency or regularity of existing or future air transport operations into or out of the Essendon Airport, including:

  • Attending the meetings to understand the intention of changes to runway categories and longer term strategic plans;
  • Reviewing the relevant documentation outlined in Table 1 that forms the controlled activity application;
  • Liaising with EAPL, VicRoads and other consultants as required to clarify any queries;
  • Providing a brief memorandum outlining the findings of the review and highlighting any areas of concern or potential issues related to the controlled activity application in the context of EAPL’s airfield strategic plans.

JJR ensured that a key focus was to ensure that the application is consistent with Essendon Airport’s future planning requirements.

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