Structural Assessment of Building Works and Design Specification
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Structural Assessment of Building Works and Design Specification
Client :
Whitehorse City Council
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Project Overview :

JJR were requested by the Council to conduct review and assessment of the current design for the civil and structural components including:

  • Structural design of the posts and sleepers
  • Geotechnical stability of the spectator stands

Local drainage and grading design (based on rough levels only)

JJR Involvement :

JJR required scope of work were defined as:

  • Conduct site inspection
    • Inspection of the structure including posts, sleepers and record any issues
    • Take measurements of the overall layout and each structural component
    • Inspection of the drainage system. (i.e. overland flow paths etc.)
    • Take photographs as required
  • Conduct site survey
    • Engage surveyor and liaise
    • Conduct site surveying and prepare survey drawing
  • Conduct civil and structural assessment
    • Structural assessment of the existing spectator structures and redesign, if required
    • Design of civil works including drainage and local grading
    • Prepare structural drawing package (upgraded if required) and specifications
    • Prepare civil drawings package
    • Prepare assessment and recommendations report
  • Project cost estimate
    • Prepare cost estimate for structural works (upgraded works or redesign)
    • Prepare cost estimate for civil works
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