Options Analysis, Concept and Detailed Design of a new Byaduk-Ardoon Road Bridge
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Options Analysis, Concept and Detailed Design of a new Byaduk-Ardoon Road Bridge
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Southern Grampians Shire Council
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Byaduk Ardoon road is a local access road, which is surrounded by rural/farming properties. The road is over 1,400m in length and contains one bridge, that spans over Lyne Creek. It is not designated as an approved B-Double route on the Heavy vehicle network maps in Victoria.
The existing pavement approaching the site has a sealed surface with a width of 3.4m on the eastern side of bridge (widens to 6.8m) and 3.6m on the western side of the bridge (edge of seal to edge of seal).

JJR Involvement :

JJR were engaged by the Southern Grampians Shire Council (“Council”) to provide detailed design services for the existing Byaduk Ardoon Road Bridge in Byaduk North, Victoria. An Optioning Report was prepared and submitted to the Client which assessed four options:

The Optioning Report recommended Option 3 due to outperforming the other options on whole of life costs, performance, constructability, environmental and safety, Council selected Option 4 (modified). This option selected was a hybrid of Option 4 & Option 3 and consists of an entirely new bridge structure, including:

  • A new central pier.
  • New abutments; and
  • A new concrete deck with steel girders.

The scope of the project included feature survey, geotechnical investigation, hydrological assessment and detail design of the proposed bridge/culvert structure to replace or upgrade the existing structure to meet current loading standards. Our team has ensured to follow the construction phase and verify the works as opted before.

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