Bridge & Culvert Inspection and Assessment
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Bridge & Culvert Inspection and Assessment
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Monash City Council
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The City of Monash is responsible for the maintenance of vehicle and pedestrian structures, comprising bridges, major culverts, stairs and retaining walls within the municipality.

A condition audit of these structures was undertaken in 2015 and 2016. The audits identified a number of these structures require further assessment to be conducted. This includes a higher-level investigation of the structure and/or risk compliance assessment associated with specific structural elements. In addition to audit recommendations, individual structures have also been nominated for higher level investigation as part of routine programmed management.

JJR Involvement :

The scope of works required the inspection of bridge and culvert structures in accordance with the inspection type determined by the Council. Two types of inspection were performed:

  • Level 3 Bridge Investigation; and
  • Risk Compliance Assessment Bridge Inspections.

The structures included:

  • Gardiners Reserve Wetlands Bridge, on bicycle path near Chandler Dr
  • Boardwalk near Swayfield Dr
  • Bridge, near playground, Norman Ct
  • Pipe culvert in Crosby Drive over Scotchmans Ck at Crosby Drive Reserve
  • Pipe culvert under access road, north east of Dick Mason Field
  • Box culvert in Atkinson St, over Scotchmans Creek
  • Box culvert in Drummond St, over Scotchmans Creek
  • Brickmakers Park Bridge over lake
  • Pipe culvert under Herriotts Blvd connecting Wetland 1 (North) to Wetland 2 (South)
  • Box culvert in Duerdin Street, over Mile Creek West near Monash Secondary College, Clayton
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