Peer Review of a Drawings Package for a Barrier Fence
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Peer Review of a Drawings Package for a Barrier Fence
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Wyndham City Council
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Project Overview :

Windham City Council required the provision of an independent Peer Review of drawings for a Barrier Fence at the Saltwater Reserve and Point Cook Soccer Club Oval.

The project site is a large reserve bounded to the north by Waiben Crescent, to the east by Middleton Drive, to the south by Saltwater Promenade and to the west by Point Cook Road. The proposed barrier construction envelope is located on the northern side of the soccer pitch (on the north-eastern portion of the reserve) and on the northern side of the football oval (on the southern portion of the reserve).

JJR Involvement :

JJR’s scope of works involved reviewing the provided documentation associated with the proposed barrier fence and providing a summary of observations and recommendations prior to construction of the structures. The barrier fence was to be installed to a height of approximately 8.0m and was comprised of steel mesh netting supported by steel monopoles embedded into pile footings.

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